beta-fishWe started off today on a sad note.  Super Dorothy the super-long living beta fish passed on to the great ocean in the sky this week.  Super Dorothy was my 7 -year old middle daughter’s pet who managed to live a very long (2 years) life despite being for the most part completely ignored and rarely fed.  I highly recommend beta fish as a family pet.  They must  have the market cornered on low-maintenance.  You might not be able to cuddle with them but you also don’t have to spend $50 a bag on premium dog food, make overnight doggie “spa” arrangements when you go out of town or end up with chewed up shoes, toys and underwear all over your house.  Don’t even get me started on the amount of poop a dog adds to your life.  Too much.  I promise (kind of) that I’m not bitter about our dog Rocky.  He is however very high maintenance!

So I scooped Super “D” up in a cup (she was getting pretty rank after two days a’floating in her bowl) and we sadly trudged to the canal near the bus stop so we could quickly eulogize our beloved fish.  L said some sweet words.  “Dorothy you were a great fish.  I hope you are happy swimming in heaven.  Good-bye.  Amen.”  We added the obligatory “Father, Son, Holy Spirit (we are catholic after all)” and tossed her in.  The current carried her away to a bigger and better fish bowl somewhere up there we hope.  Within a minute, the kids had forgotten all about Dead Dorothy and were running for the bus.  Amazing resilence those kids!


crotch splitter

Ok, on to what you are all (all three of you at this point) dying to hear about (come on, admit it!), the crotch splitters.  Any guesses?  I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  I went to meet with my trainer, the slave driver Crystal, who you will be hearing a lot about.  Actually she is awesome and even though she pushes me very hard — I love her.  And I guess I am paying her to push me hard so that’s a good thing.  She seems to be under the assumption that I am some kind of studdette who can endure a constant barrage of high intensity push-ups, pull-ups, dips and yes, crazy exercises called crotch splitters.  I just couldn’t even do those without laughing although really they hurt too badly to laugh. 

 Try to visualize.  You stand on this really tall step (I am somewhat vertically challenged so anything that comes up past my belly button seems really tall to me) with a big exercise ball to the side of the step.  You put your right leg extended out onto the top of the ball and you squat down as you push the ball out with your extended leg, thus putting you in a position akin to (yes, I’m going to say it)  “splitting your crotch.”  Are you doing it right now?  Ok, now you know my pain.  And then she made me curl a medicine ball to boot.  Yikes!  All this for a tight tushy?  Hmmm…

blue-mooseFor those of you local to da’ho (Idaho, that is), The Blue Moose in Eagle, just happens to be one of my favorite places to eat.  Hubby asked me to meet him for a late lunch date (sweet) after the torturous workout.  I was nervous that I might not be able to lift my fork to my mouth but accepted his kind offer anyway.  We’ve been together so long (almost 20 years) I figured he’d still love me even if I had to lick my salad off my plate. 

Marcy, proprietor and chef extraordinaire at The Moose, has added a charming, rustic wine bar complete with bar stools to the main entry area of the cafe.  Last night kicked off the Cafe’s first official “wine” night.  Wine was flowing as was conversation with a cozy lit fireplace warming up the room.  This is going to be a regular happening going on both Thursday and Friday nights at Blue Moose, so line up your  sitter for the kids (if you have them) and high-tail it over there.  She’s going to have some great comfort food specials going on as well.  Think Yankee pot roast, beef stew in a bread bowl, chicken pot-pie and the like.  And then of course all her regular to-die-for salads (big, big fan of the Maytag and the Orange Grove) and ginormous sandwiches.  Finish it off with one of her famous frosted brownies and someone can  just roll you out the door back to your car.  Later you can find Crystal and do some crotch splitters.

Happy Weekend!!

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